Exquisite high-gloss walnut finished, audio-visual feature, complete with glass feet.

This entertainment unit is built with walnut and has a three-pack premium, high-gloss, scratch resistant finish. The gives the flip-front panels a mirror finish.

The 19mm glass ‘fins’ makes it appear free-standing. The glass feet can take considerable weight and pressure. They have polished edges and highlight the elegance of the timber.

Walnut has a beautiful grain, and the subtle purple-brown hues are naturally occurring.

” We were impressed with Zoran’s creativity and sense of design, having produced a prominent and timeless piece of the highest quality which compliments the surrounding environment “Richard & Nikki

At the rear there is space for cable access. The cables are hidden within the unit, yet there is plenty of internal space and clever vent positioning to allow for air circulation.

DateOctober 2014
ClientCustom, Richard & Nikki
Timber UsedWalnut
FeaturesGlass fins