‘Chippendate’ style, mahogany table with hand-carved legs

This table is hand crafted in the style of Thomas Chippendale, a London based cabinet-maker and furniture designer in the Georgian and Neoclassical styles on the mid-18th century. He was famous for the luxurious furnishings he made for British aristocracy. The ‘Chippendale’ style is an increasingly popular choice and this example is an excellent example of Zokk Furniture’s appreciation of the subtleties of period furniture.

The table was built with mahogany because of its integrity and capability to produce a very dark, warm tone. A dark red stain was added to bring out the natural reddish-brown colour of mahogany. A final high gloss finish was applied. The table legs are a special feature – each is intricately hand-carved.

Beautifully intricate ‘Chippendale’ style piece of the Georgian, mid-18th century English period. Made from mahogany with dark red stain and high gloss finish.

‘I wanted to create a really special piece – a traditional dining room table that contrasted with its contemporary surroundings. As well as the interesting contrast, it is intriguing at the same time. ’Zoram

DateOctober 2014